Società Svizzera, indipendente di gestione patrimoniale

Colombo Wealth

Colombo Wealth SA, offre al Cliente una consulenza personalizzata nelle scelte di investimento, sviluppando strategie che supportano il Cliente nel raggiungimento dei suoi obiettivi finanziari.

Wealth Management

Forniamo, a clientela privata e istituzionale, servizi di gestione patrimoniale e di advisory mettendo in atto strategie che siano a misura del singolo Cliente.

Family Office Services

Offriamo, da oltre 40 anni, servizi di family office altamente specializzati.


Commentary 21.02.20

21 Feb 2020

The market has suddenly turned lower yesterday more than 1% to close slightly better, although this morning European and American futures are still down respectively 50bps each. Several reasons among...

Commentary 20.02.20

20 Feb 2020

Call it FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or Buying the dip (buy the market back as soon as it drops), but the market keeps trending higher and higher. The reason?...

Commentary 19-02-20

19 Feb 2020

Markets have been weak yesterday in Europe/US on the Apple profit warning but once again the market is buying any dip and we had a substantial bounce overnight in Asia...

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